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Teaching and Coaching Industrial Agile Product Development

We, Peter and Hubert, are veterans in the agile world. We were there when the software industry started to experiment with the concepts of small teams and iterative delivery of products, and we have since adapted those principles to physical product development. We coach, we train, we consult.

At Big Orange Square, we have been studying how teams best learn and understand the use of iterative product delivery techniques. Building a real product (a car, for example) embeds these new concepts in the learner’s mind in a way that helps them approach development in ways that they might not have considered before.

We develop a customized program around your products, your goals, your challenges, and your people to give you a completely unique experience that will help your team reach new heights of development productivity. Our kinesthetic approach will have your people working in an agile way from day one, generating change and results that will help your business succeed.

Peter and Hubert offer many ways to experience hands-on learning. Come to one of our public classes, book time in our training centers for a trial session, invite us to your facility for in-house training, or meet us at speaking events and conferences. Helping your business grow and succeed is our passion. Let’s talk.

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Some of Our Happy Clients


  1. Excellent Teacher! Excellent Class!

    By far, the best class I’ve taken this year. (CSM, ITIL, PMP) Very Practical application of the scrum framework using real world examples. Excellent teacher! Excellent class! Very knowledgeable. Thank you!

    Overall Rating: Excellent

    Student - Sept 2017
  2. Hubert Is An Excellent Teacher

    Suggestions to improve: It would have been helpful to have videos of topics like a sprint stand up, sprint planning, etc. to see and hear examples.

    Hubert is an excellent teacher who strives to tie the participants real situations to the class teaching.

    Student - Sept 2017
  3. Recommendations To Improve

    Suggestions to Improve: As a PMP and someone with extensive waterfall experience, it would be great to have a mapping of typical PM activities to scrum/agile.

    Slides in the manual were in black and white and yet color legends were used.

    Slides in the manual were small in some cases. Perhaps make them larger and leave a blank page for related notes.

    Overall Rating: Good


    Student - Sept 2017
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