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Better, Faster, Cheaper

As veterans in the agile world, we have observed a world of agile consultants who do not take responsibility for ensuring your success and who are not part of your project. We decided to be different. We define coaching as being a hands-on experience where we need to work out problems with you in order for everyone to get the most worthwhile experience.

We have taken the principles and framework of agile and applied them to industry, manufacturing, physical products, which are often very complex to deliver. We realized that because complex delivery is where the agile principles excel, that we needed to bring them to the manufacturing arena.

The core of the agile product delivery process is simple: bring all relevant people together in a team. Have them deliver physical product early and often. Inspect the product early and often. Steer the team based on these inspections.

Simple – not easy.

You will find longer descriptions of these concepts throughout this website. We encourage you to read them and hit us up with questions because we’re here to help you understand what happens to your organization when you embrace agile product development.