1. A Better Way to Learn Scrum: Doing It

    By Christopher Curley, CSM, CSPO “Kinetic” describes something moving. Kinetic is motion. Kinetic energy is the energy of body in motion. It’s the work needed to move a body at rest to certain velocity. Kinetic (or “kinesthetic”) is also a method of teaching. Kinetic learning teaches stude…Read More

  2. A Professional Pivot Creates a New Purpose

    by Katrina Starkweather, Marketing for Big Orange Square Before the Pivot Hubert Smits teaching at our new headquarters. Class time with Hubert Smits. There are a few slides – but not a lot. I’ve been working with Hubert over three years. He loves all things Scrum and teaches Certified Scrum Mas…Read More

  3. The Benefits of Empiricism and Teams in Product Development

    The base concepts of Scrum are empiricism and teams. With empiricism in Scrum, decisions are made based on information we continuously collect, observe, and/or experience. With teams in Scrum, we believe that working closely and in tandem with our teammates from all the various disciplines collects …Read More

  4. An Inside Look at a Build Party

    In August 2016, we hosted a Big Orange Square Build Party outside of Boulder, Colorado. We met in a large four-car garage – almost a pole barn, really. A panorama of the Rocky Mountains greeted us along with coffee, fruit and bagels. After some instruction, we split into several teams and began wo…Read More

  5. A review of the Nummi car plant

    The story of the Nummi car plant, the joint venture between Toyota and GM is well known, almost legendary. It didn’t work out entirely well for GM. Frank Langfitt explains why GM didn’t learn the lessons—until it was too late. Find the This American Life recording here. Lean Product Developmen…Read More

  6. Big Orange Square Build Party – Retrospective

    Modules & Stand-ups Working for a full day with an international team on a real product generates unique insights. Scrum contributes to product development, and to teamwork. Here are a few first remarks from attendees. After the first CSM for Hardware class the whole team participated in an extr…Read More

  7. Gathering 2016 Keynote Presentation by Kevin Thompson

    Big Orange Square Gathering Keynote Agile Hardware Development with Scrum Presented by Kevin Thompson, PH.D. “Agile Hardware Development” is a recent innovation that is not yet well understood. In this presentation, we begin by clarifying what the term means, and then focus on the basic concepts…Read More