1. Webinar – Big Orange Square Case Study at John Deere

    How John Deere Used Scrum to Transform Innovation Do those numbers look familiar? Process to drive innovation: > 800 process steps; aimed to mitigate risk Massive parallel processing: 27 projects; on average 10 projects per person Lacking collaboration: each project owned by a different manager N…Read More

  2. Gathering Talk by Mark Buckner

    Scrum for Life: A Tale of 2 Journeys by Mark Buckner We’ll take a look at the Scrum Journey and lessons learned of two very different groups: the Power & Energy Systems Research Group at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, an interdisciplinary team of researchers at the Department of Energy’s…Read More

  3. Gathering 2016 Keynote Presentation by Joe Justice

    Joe Justice, Team WIKISPEED founder, was a keynote speaker at the first Big Orange Square Gathering in Boulder, Colorado August 25 and August 26. Here is an overview of his topic, a link to his presentation and a bit more about Joe. Joe Justice President of Scrum@Hardware, Scrum, Inc. and Founder, T…Read More

  4. The Gathering Agenda

    The first Big Orange Square Gathering will be held in Boulder, Colorado at the iconic, beautiful Boulderado Hotel (where a pivotal Scrum for Software Gathering was held many years ago). The agenda is almost complete, although we are still adding information, but here’s what you can look forward to…Read More

  5. Webinar: Using Scrum For Hardware Development

    On August 11, 2016, Belatrix Software welcomed Agile expert, Hubert Smits, to share his expertise on how you can use Scrum for hardware development. Over 50 CIOs, CTOs, and Directors attended this informative webinar. The webinar is now available! Here is the description of the webinar Hubert gave: …Read More

  6. Is Agile only for software? A webinar with Hubert Smits (CST)

    Thursday , August 11th 11:00 am PDT/ 2:00 pm EDT/ 6:00 pm GMT Agile development has become a well-known and effective software development methodology. But can you take Agile, and apply it to other areas of your business, for example to hardware development? To explore this, once again Belatrix is d…Read More

  7. Agile Hardware Development with Scrum

    Big Orange Square Gathering Keynote Agile Hardware Development with Scrum Presented by Kevin Thompson, PH.D. “Agile Hardware Development” is a recent innovation that is not yet well understood. In this presentation, we begin by clarifying what the term means, and then focus on the basic concepts…Read More

  8. The Gathering 2016

    A short, informal chat with Hubert Smits about The Gathering Editor’s Note: Hubert Smits is one of the founders for The Gathering in the Big Orange Square community. Here are a few of his thoughts about why he put this conference together. Why is it called The Gathering? In our Scrum community, we…Read More