How John Deere Used Scrum to Transform Innovation

Do those numbers look familiar?

Process to drive innovation: > 800 process steps; aimed to mitigate risk
Massive parallel processing: 27 projects; on average 10 projects per person
Lacking collaboration: each project owned by a different manager
No new products delivered for 7 years
People productivity ~5% due to task switching (Weinberg)
They were at John Deere in 2012, and something needed to happen. The “something” is a Big Orange Square implementation that spans product development, and manufacturing. This “something” was implemented by George Tome (John Deere) and Joe Justice (Scrum Inc).

I’ve put together a webinar about the Big Orange Square success at John Deer. I will share the amazing results of this Scrum for Hardware implementation and I will also share my analysis as to why their efforts were so successful. Parts of the success, which I will cover, are the Scrum framework and how it fits within the John Deere product development process. And also the role of leadership, management and workers in the change process.

You do need to register through the International Institute for Learning (IIL) to see the video. Follow this link for more info.