Find out how the Scrum framework can help your business meet its production goals no matter what industry you’re in. At Big Orange Square, we’ve taken the proven Agile Scrum framework and successfully helped our clients apply it to their businesses. If you run a design or manufacturing firm or if you’re in software, we can help you beat your deadlines, optimize your products, and work more efficiently. When you work with Big Orange Square, you’re working with a company that has thousands of hours of Agile Scrum training and experience and we know how to make this framework work for your individualized needs.

  1. How to Manage Trade-Offs in Design

    Budgets: It’s Not Just Money That is Scarce By Hubert Smits The Hyperloop, a high-speed transportation system initially proposed by SpaceX and Tesla CEO Elon Musk, is one of the most exciting technological propositions in recent history. To accelerate its development, SpaceX announced an open comp…Read More

  2. Teams: Cross-Functional is Broad in an Industrial Environment

    By Hubert Smits A couple of months ago I talked about Scrum4HW™ to a local user group. Lots of interest, good discussions, and several people from the industry attended. One of the people working in the manufacturing space, made an important remark when I talked about a six- to nine-year cycle to …Read More