You have a product you need to get out the door and you want to unleash the power in your people to make that happen.  You want to give them a job that excites them, to give them the authority to drive their own work, and to give them the ability to be their best by knocking down every obstacle standing in their way.

If you’re wondering how to do that, we’re here to help.

What we have to share goes against everything you’ve ever believed about product development. It goes against everything that you ever learned in management schools.

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On Existing Methodologies:

Design in the Industrial Agile FrameworkTM:

On Delivery Teams:

On Product Owners:

And Scrum Master responsibilities:

Are you ready?

Peter & Hubert have trained and coached over 15,000 people in addressing this product delivery challenge over the past 10 years. We still do, both in public classes as well as in in-company training and coaching engagements.

We’re experienced practitioners who understand what it means to run a business, meet deadlines, and negotiate with customers and suppliers.  When you engage with us you’ll see that our approach is hands-on, in the thick of the team and the delivery, and applying experiential approaches to the engagement.

On our events page, you will find public classes.  We also offer in-company customized training and coaching. The latter will give you the solution you are looking for:


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