In-company training allows us to teach your employees, and only your employees. This ensures that your team members get the very best training possible. We develop a customized program specifically designed to meet your needs. This kind of training will fast-track your team toward efficiency in the Scrum framework. Our headquarters in Longmont, CO offer an environment designed specifically for this kind of training.

We also offer private training in-house. When we come to your facility, you reap the benefits of working in a familiar environment and eliminating travel costs.

Why you should consider private and in-house training

Customized content: We coach specifically to your needs. Your training will be more focused and address real and current examples from your organization.
Team building: We work directly with all of your members and show them how to work together in an environment they are already comfortable in and familiar with.
Cost efficiency: The cost per student is typically less when you book private raining with us. These savings multiply if you also opt for in-house training, because it will save you all the travel expenses.

What others have to say about private training

Mike Few, Director of the Agile Program Office at ARCA, brought his teams from Italy and North Carolina together for private training here in Colorado. This is what he had to say about the value of our coaching:

Conducting the Big Orange Square course in Boulder afforded us the opportunity to bring together our global junior leadership team in a neutral location for team building and problem solving away from the distractions of our day-to-day work. In one week, with the help of the Big Orange Square team’s instruction on the Scrum framework, Arca leaders began to think deeply about modern product development, and the resulting output was a burst of creativity and gravitation towards modular sub-components, machine learning, simulations, and artificial intelligence. Simultaneously, the hands-on building of the Wikispeed car allowed us to understand the art of the possible when we work together towards a common goal. The ROI for our company was realized within one quarter. I would highly recommend this course to others interested in investing in leader development.”

Another employee at ARCA, Cresti, said the following:

The continuous references to my organization’s environment and practical examples in the classroom were helpful.”