1. Excellent Teacher! Excellent Class!

    By far, the best class I've taken this year. (CSM, ITIL, PMP) Very Practical application of the scrum framework using real world examples. Excellent teacher! Excellent class! Very knowledgeable. Thank you! Overall Rating: Excellent…Read More

    Student - Sept 2017
  2. Hubert Is An Excellent Teacher

    Suggestions to improve: It would have been helpful to have videos of topics like a sprint stand up, sprint planning, etc. to see and hear examples. Hubert is an excellent teacher who strives to tie the participants real situations to the class teaching.…Read More

    Student - Sept 2017
  3. Recommendations To Improve

    Suggestions to Improve: As a PMP and someone with extensive waterfall experience, it would be great to have a mapping of typical PM activities to scrum/agile. Slides in the manual were in black and white and yet color legends were used. Slides in the manual were small in some cases. Perhaps make them larger and leave a blank page for related notes. Overall Rating: Good  …Read More

    Student - Sept 2017
  4. Recommend a Simpler Activity To Focus More On Process

    Suggestions to improve - "The Lego activity had too much focus on building and distracted from learning the sprints. Recommend a simpler activity to focus more on the process, less on the building." Overall Rating: Good - Excellent…Read More

    Student - Sept 2017
  5. Hubert Is The Most Knowlegable Abile/CSM Instructor

    Hubert Is The Most Knowledgeable Agile/CSM Instructor I Have Ever Heard And I Have Heard Many. Overall Rating: Excellent.…Read More

    Student - Sept 2017
  6. Spot On

    Spot on material related to what I need to know for future opportunities. Thank you! Overall Rating: Excellent…Read More

    Student - Sept 2017
  7. Inspiring

    Extremely knowledgeable and inspiring seminar. Overall Rating: Excellent…Read More

    Student - Sept 2017
  8. Excellent

    Excellent mix of learning tools: class, discussion, kinetic, activities. Overall rating: Excellent…Read More

    Student - Sept 2017
  9. The Car Building Exercise Applies the Scrum Framework To A Practical Problem

    “The car building exercise is an amazing way to apply the Scrum framework to a practical problem. There is so much opportunity to really practice the framework that you cannot get in a standard CSM course.”…Read More

    Jason Schreuder, ARCA